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Animals play an important role in They are divided into three groups with specific habitats: Ocean animals normally dwell in the oceans (Located in both sides of the map, both connected by two rivers), but can also survive in lakes and water spots, so long as they are in water and not on land; in which case their “water” runs down quickly and can easily dehydrate to death. Land animals can both live on land, and in water. However, they are particularly slow in water, with the exception of a few, such as bearscrocshipposelephants, and dragonsArctic animals are similar to land animals, except that they normally dwell in the Arctic. If an Arctic animal exits its specific biome, it gets periodically damaged, similar as to how a land or an ocean animal will get stunned and damaged if it enters the Arctic.

As of now, there are 49 kinds of animals and together, they form a food chain, where stronger animals (outlined red) are able to eat those below them (outlined lime), but with a few exceptions; animals lower in the food chain can kill or damage animals higher in the food chain through the use of abilities, or through biting tails. The graphics used are of a flat-design style, minimalistic and circular; however, higher-ranked animals may have special decorations (ears, nose/mouth, etc). Land animals above Rabbit , Arctic animals above Arctic hare, and Ocean animals above Crab all have a tail, which can be bitten by lower animals.

Most animals have special abilities that can be used to escape predators, capture prey, and collect food.

Each animal has an experience bar, or Xp, which indicates its progress, how much food it has taken, and how much more it will have to eat in order to upgrade to the next one. As an animal upgrades from one to another, the more Xp it needs to intake.

There are some instances when a certain animal cannot kill or eat another animal (outlined green); this indicates that they are either the same animal, or one is too high/low in the food chain.


This animal is Dark-green outlined, meaning it’s too big for you to eat it or bite it or both of you are the same level. It’s peaceful to you.

Upgrade Choices

Tier !Upgrades At Land Ocean Arctic Desert Poison
1 0 Mouse Shrimp Chipmunk Kangaroo Rat ( No tier confirmed) None
2 50 Rabbit Trout Arctic Hare Unknown None
3 200 Pig Crab Penguin Unknown None
4 450 Mole Sea-horse Seal Unknown None
5 1K Deer Squid Reindeer Unknown None
6 2.1K Fox Jellyfish Arctic Fox Unknown None
7 4.2K Zebra/Donkey Turtle Muskox Unknown None
8 7.9K Cheetah Stingray Wolf Unknown None
9 15K Lion/Gorilla Pufferfish Snow leopard Unknown None
10 28.5K Bear Swordfish Walrus Unknown None
11 54K Croc Octopus Polar Bear Unknown None
12 105K Rhino Shark Wolverine Unknown Cobra
13 250K Hippo Killer Whale Sabertooth Tiger Komodo Dragon (No tier confirmed) Boa Constrictor
14 500K Elephant Blue Whale Mammoth Unknown Giant Spider
15 1M Dragon The Kraken The Yeti! Unknown None
16 10M Black Dragon None None Unknown/None None

List of Animals

Name Old Graphics New Graphics Description Upgrades At Evolves At
Mouse Mouse2 Mouse Eats only red berries and plankton(1) 0 50
Shrimp Shrimp old Shrimp Ocean equivalent to the mouse.Eats only berries and plankton (1) 0 50
Chipmunk Chipmunkold Chipmunk First animal of the Arctic. Hides from the branch. There are also some AI’s.(1) 0 50
Rabbit Rabbit2 Rabbit Can burrow a hiding hole by pressing W(2) 50 200
Trout Trout old Trout Ocean equivalent to the rabbit.(2) 50 200
Arctic Hare Arctichareold Arctichare Arctic equivalent to Rabbit. Can burrow a hiding hole by pressing W(2) 50 200
Pig Pig2 Pig Can eat mushroomsblackberry and seaweed moves fast in the mud and swims as well as Crocodile.(3) 200 450
Crab Crab old Crab Ocean equivalent to pig. Can live longer on land. When on land, press W to hide in a shell to reduce damage taken from predators.(3) 200 450
Penguin Penguinold Penguin Arctic equivalent to Pig and Crab. Press w to slide on the ice.(3) 200 450
Mole Mole2 Mole Can go in any hiding hole and burrow underground by pressing W.(4) 450 1K
Sea-horse Seah-old Seahorse Ocean animal equivalent to Mole.(4) 450 1K
Seal Sealold Seal Arctic equivalent to Mole and Sea-horse. Can hide in red berry bushes and can climb hills and rocks. press w to slide on ice(4) 450 1K
Deer Deer2 Deer Can eat lily pads in lakes and oceans. Can dig food(5) 1K 2.1K
Squid Squid old Squid Ocean animal equivalent to Deer. You can eat red mushroom and lilypad(5) 1K 2.1K
Reindeer No skin reindeer Reindeer Arctic equivalent to Deer. Can dig food.(5) 1K 2.1K
Fox Fox2 Fox You can pull animals from hole when in one.(6) 2.1K 4.2K
Jellyfish Jellyfish old Jellyfish Ocean animal equivalent to Fox. Animals get stunned when touching the tentacles.(6) 2.1K 4.2K
Arctic Fox No skin a-fox Arcticfox Arctic equivalent to Fox. press w to kick players from Hiding Hole when in one.(6) 2.1K 4.2K
Zebra Zebra2 Zebra Can eat mushroom bushes (often found in lakes/oceans) and pears.(7) 4.2K 7.9K
Equivalent to the Zebra and gains a special kicking ability when you press W that stuns enemies(7) 4.2K 7.9K
Turtle Turtle Ocean animal equivalent to ZebraTurtlescan eat mushroom bushes and Pears. and can live well on land. When on land, press W to hide in a shell and take reduced damage from predators.(7) 4.2K 7.9K
Muskox No skin muskox Muskox Arctic equivalent to Zebra. Press W to chargeYou can now eat mushroom bushes and Pears


4.2K 7.9K
Cheetah Cheetah2 Cheetah Cheetahs are extremely fast on land. press w to get an extra boost.(8) 7.9K 15K
Stingray Stingrayold Stingray Ocean animal equivalent to the Cheetah. Press W to release an electrical charge around you, shocking animals floating on water. Does not affect underwater animals.(8) 7.9K 15K
Wolf No skin wolf Wolf Arctic equivalent to Cheetah. Press W To howl.(8) 7.9K 15K
Lion Lion2 Lion Equivalent to the Puffer Fish as well as the Gorilla. Eats all lower animals up to Pig. Press w to realize a mighty roar.(9) 15K 28.5K
Gorilla Gorilla-0 Gorilla Equivalent to the Lion and Puffer Fish. Gorillas are fast on hills/trees but slow on land and water.(9) 15K 28.5K
Pufferfish Old pufferfish Pufferfish Ocean animal equivalent to the Lion and Gorilla. Hold W to inflate- become spiky, and dangerous to touch! (You will get stunned.)(9) 15K 28.5K
Snow leopard No skin s-leopard Snowleopard Arctic equivalent to Lion. Press W to get an extra boost. You are faster than other animals.(9) 15K 28.5K
Bear Bear2 Bear Can climb through green hills and can swim pretty well. Press w to slash with your claw.(10) 28.5K 54K
Swordfish 5 Swordfish Ocean animal equivalent to Bear. Can press W for a powerful charge using its nose, similar to the Rhinos.(10) 28.5K 54K
Walrus No skin walrus Walrus Arctic equivalent to Bear. Can climb hillsand rocks. Press w to slide on ice.(10) 28.5K 54K
Croc Crocodile Croc Can hide in water spots and swim fast in water and mud. Can hide in red berry bushes. You can now eat conch.(11) 54K 105K
Octopus Octopus old Octopus2 Ocean animal equivalence of Crocodile. Can hide as an object. (Press W.) You can now eat conch.(11) 54K 105K
Polar Bear Polarbear Arctic equivalent to Croc. can climb hills. press w to slash. You can now eat conch.(11) 54K 105K
Rhino Rhinold Rhino Can charge using the W key. Can go over water spots.(12) 105K 250K
Shark No skin shark Shark Ocean animal equivalence of Rhino. Press w to get a speed boost.(12) 105K 250K
Wolverine Wolverine Arctic equivalent to Rhino. Press W to growl!(12) 105K 250K
Cobra Orca old Cobra Hold W to Spit Venom, works while diving too, a very dangerous animal!(12) 105K 250K
Hippo Hippo2 Hippo Goes over water spots and is very fast in mudlakes, and oceans. Press W to groan!(13) 250K 500K
Killer Whale Orca old Killerwhale Ocean animal equivalence of Hippo. Orcas shoot out water when diving! (And sometimes other loot!)Press w to cause a powerful wave! (13) 250K 500K
Sabertooth Tiger Sabertoothtiger Arctic equivalent to Hippo. Press W to double scratch any animal.(13) 250K 500K
Boa Constrictor Orca old BoaConstrictor Press W to suffocate any prey and drag them, it kills slowly prey.(13) 250K 500K
Elephant Elephant Land equivalent to Blue Whale. Press W to hit with your trunk!(14) 500K 1M
Blue Whale Bluewhale Ocean equivalent to Elephant. Press W to slap your tail!(14) 500K 1M
Mammoth Mammoth Arctic equivalent to Elephant. Press W to roll a snowball.(14) 500K 1M
Giant Spider Orca old GiantSpider Press W to spin webs, the more you hold, the more it gets bigger!(14) 500K 1M
Dragon Dragon2 Dragon Flies over every type of terrain. Eats all animals below it, except deer and below. Can bite the tail of other dragons and Kraken. Press W to shoot Fire.(15) 1M 10M
The Kraken Krakem Kraken Ocean equivalence of Dragon. Press W to use the whirlpool ability, sucking in prey and stunning them at the same time. This also affects animals underwater but doesn’t stun them.(15) 1M 10M
The Yeti! Yeti Arctic equivalent to Dragon. The top Arcticpredator. Press w to turn into snow and freeze.(15) 1M 10M
Black Dragon Blackdragon The strongest animal of all time! Lives in the volcano. Press W to shoot 2 or 3 fireballs!(16) 10M 20M


  • On October 29th and 30th, the animal graphics were updated to be much more detailed (no longer simple colored circles).
    • As of October 30th, these new graphics are optional.
    • The new graphics were created by Pike!.
  • The first animals to be added to the game (besides the mouse, fox, and lion) are, in the developer’s words, the “pig, rabbit, croc, and dino (dragon)”. These were added on October 4th.
  • On the January 4th update, a change was made where Arctic Animals were 10% slower outside of the Arctic and Land Animals are 10% slower in the Arctic to promote animal usage in their respective biomes.
  • There is a way to know which animal MIGHT be added in the future, a few days before the mammoth was added, Pike already made a mammoth flair, and it was added after a few days.
  • Arctic Animals have no Winter Skins.
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